Half Marathon

The Rotary Team Challenge Half Marathon is 21.1km long. The event takes teams of 2 to 4 runners or walkers on a journey from Chidlow to Swan View through the picturesque West Australian countryside.

The course will take the teams from Chidlow along the Kep Track to Mt Helena before switching on to the Railway Heritage Trail through Parkerville and the John Forrest National Park to finish at the location of the old Swan View Railway Station. Towards the end of the course participants will pass through the old railway tunnel which at 262 metres in length, is very dark inside.  Head or hand held torches are recommended.


21.1 km Half Marathon Event Start Times

l   Walkers 9:00 am    l   Runners 11:00 am   l  

l   Entry fee for this event is $60 per person   l


Each team will be required to stay together and will be checked into each aid station when the last team member arrives. Teams must leave the aid station together.

There will be one aid station at Parkerville and additional support at the finish line in Swan View. There will be water and some basic food supplies, toilet and first aid facilities at each aid station and access for the support crews.