On the Day

Condition yourself for the event by training over a period of time and not on the days immediately before the event. Eat healthily on the preceding days and have a light easily digested breakfast on the morning of the event. Get plenty of rest and have a good night’s sleep before the event.

Take time to plan the event with your team. Make sure they are all aware of your intended schedule and that the responsibility for the provision of each item of food and clothing is clear. Agree on which checkpoints they will meet you at if not all. Verify how you will communicate with them and keep in touch during the event.

Arrive early for the event to avoid any last minute delays. You will have plenty of time to hurry on the track and don’t need to get stressed out before you even start.

Ensure you drink plenty of water or electrolyte drinks on the trail to maintain your hydration. Eat light easily digested foods to provide the energy you need to maintain your stamina.

Checkpoints are provided at approximately 20km intervals. All team members must check in together at each checkpoint. Water will be provided at the checkpoint together with some simple food items. Toilets are provided at most checkpoints and at some other locations along the track.

Pace yourself on the course. Check with your fellow team members and adjust your speed to suit the slowest member. Remember, this is not a race but a personal challenge.

Ensure that you have suitable clothing and footwear for the event. Morning temperatures could be quite low, and daytime temperatures warm so allow for both eventualities. Allow for the possibility of rain and use sunscreen to protect your skin. Wear comfortable hiking shoes or boots that have been broken in, not new ones that you have not worn before.

Make full use of your support crew. Ensure they know what you want to eat, the primary responsibility for the supply of sustenance lies with your team. The supplies provided by the organizer at the checkpoints is supplementary only. Have your support crew meet you at each checkpoint to collect unwanted clothing and supply any other item you may need.

Arrange for someone to collect you at the end of the event.