On the Trail

Start Point – Northam

Unfortunately Main Roads have closed the bridge on Newcastle Road for repairs and maintenance so this year’s event will start near the swimming pool just off Mitchell Avenue as you approach Northam.  Ample parking is available in the swimming pool car park and portable toilets will be provided.

Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your start time to register and complete your equipment checks. To avoid delay or disappointment ensure that you have all the required safety equipment readily available to show the event marshals. A pre-event briefing will be conducted about 15 minutes before the start.

Follow the triangular trail markers that look like this.

Kep sign

The last 6.5km of the Kep Track before getting in to Clackline is on Eadine Road. The landscape in this area mainly consists of rolling green pastures on which cattle and sheep graze. This section of the track is not marked with the usual triangular signs but has large yellow signs depicting walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Take extra care in this section and give way to all traffic.


Alt sign

At the end of Eadine Road, turn right and go through the parking area to your left then past the toilets just before the old curved bridge.


The track after leaving Clackline can be confusing. Pedestrian traffic can take a short rocky path that leads to a narrow (600mm wide) footbridge.

The route is too rough to ride and cyclists will need to take an alternative path and ride through a small stream. The two paths then rejoin, travel under the old curved bridge, continue along a bitumen path for a short distance before going under a concrete bridge and coming to the old Clackline Train Station platform.



Checkpoint 1 – Bakers Hill, 25 km

Seven kilometres after leaving Clackline you will pass close to Bakers Hill. All team members must check in with the event marshals. Toilets are located at the checkpoint and water, sports drinks and some simple food items will be provided.

After passing the old station platform and under a beautiful canopy created by two wattle trees you will travel beside a small park. Bakers Hill, as the name implies, has a good bakery for those wanting something to eat.

The trail passes just south of Wundowie. Toilets are located at the sports grounds, which are approximately 250m north of the trail along Hawke Avenue.

After leaving Wundowie you will travel along Werribee Road for 1.2km before turning right into McMullen Road and shortly after back onto the gravel track.

Checkpoint 2 – Wooroloo, 42 km

Wooroloo is located 9km after Wundowie. The checkpoint will be on the trail at shelter in the centre of the township. Toilets are located at the checkpoint and water and some simple food items will be provided.

Checkpoint 3 – Chidlow, 55 km

The area around Chidlow is heavily wooded. The checkpoint, which will be signposted, is just off the track beside the Chidlow Hall. Toilets are available at the checkpoint and water, sports drinks and some simple food items will be provided. The Chidlow Tavern is located a short distance away.

Track Chidlow

On leaving the checkpoint you will need to take care in crossing the Old Northam Road.

Mount Helena is located 6km after Chidlow. Additional toilets are located on the track in Mount Helena.

Checkpoint 4 – Parkerville, 67 km

No toilets are provided at this checkpoint, which is located by Byfield Road. Water will be provided at the checkpoint together with sports drinks and some simple food items.

Just before you get to the end you will go through a dark tunnel. You will need a torch or head light for this section of the track. The track is also quite rough is this area and covered with sharp stones. Take extra care to avoid slipping or damage to bicycles.

Finish point – Swan View Railway Station, 75 km

Complete the event by riding / running / walking through the finish arch located beside the Swan View Railway Station. Proceed immediately to the marshaling station to check in and sign out. The Swan View station site is one of the very few on the Railway Heritage trail to have the railway platform retained.

Swan View Station

Toilets (portaloos) will be provided at the finish line together with water and some simple food items.