The success of your participation in this event will be dependent on how well the team performs and how motivated they are.

Good teamwork is essential and will not happen by chance; team building will be necessary. The importance of the support team must also be recognized, they will need to transport you to and from the course, provide you with sustenance together with other supplies and meet any other unexpected needs.

The following are some suggestions for building an effective team.

Set Clear Goals

The goal of the team must be established and clear to all members. The goal could be as simple as completing the event, or it could be to do so within a time frame or to raise a set amount for charity.

Communicate Your Thoughts

Good communication is essential if all team members are to pull together. Discuss and agree on the goals and objectives, together with the methods of achieving them.

Assign Roles and Tasks

Distribute the work amongst the team members so that they all participate and contribute. Determine what tasks need to be completed to achieve your goals. Make sure the person responsible for each task is clearly defined and that they understand what is required.

Practice Your Roles …

to get accustomed to them and iron out any awkwardness. Be flexible and willing to adapt the roles to meet unexpected circumstances.

Celebrate Your Achievements …

whenever you complete an objective to maintain the motivation of the team. Thank team members when they finish a task.