The Thrills

The Conquer The Quarry event provides participants with the opportunity to experience rock climbing, abseiling, zip lining and dyno jumping.

There will be 4 half-day sessions on 5th May and 6th May 2018 with each session catering for a maximum of 35 participants. Participants will enjoy as many abseiling and rock climbing sessions as can be accommodated in their half-day session.

The rock climbing sessions will be done in pairs with one participant climbing while the other holds the belay rope. Similarly abseiling will be done in pairs.

Participants can elect whether to attend either the morning or afternoon session on Saturday 5th May or Sunday 6th Morning sessions will start at 8:30am and finish at 12:30pm and afternoon sessions will start at 1:30pm and finish at 5:30pm. Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of their session.

Refreshments will be available on site.



Experience the adrenalin rush of abseiling down a natural rock face. The abseil challenge is designed to suit both the novice and experienced abseiler and offers a 15 or 30 metres face. Novice participants will be instructed on how to abseil by our highly qualified instructors and assisted to ensure they complete the descent safely. More experienced abseilers will be taught to developing good roping techniques and safe practices.

The day has been designed to allow for as many descents as possible. All participants will be encouraged to develop a high level of personal confidence to enable them to take on all challenges.


The Rock Climbing Adventure is designed for those who have never been rock climbing before or those interested in improving their skills on natural rock! Your instructor/s for the day will give you an depth brief on how to manoeuvre your way up the rock face. The rock climbing event will test your strength, flexibility and confidence by climbing either s top rope setup or join in to learn and lead your first outdoor routes.

Rock climbing is a great way to keep fit and maximise enjoyment and fun, in a vertical space. We cater for all ages and levels of experience.


Don’t worry if you’e never abseiled before, the wonderful people from Adventure Out will have you sailing sown the slopes again and again. Push yourself out of your comfort zone with this high adrenalin event. Enjoy an 80 metre flying fox from the top of the cliff. Trust yourself to be daring and take the plunge.

Do you have the courage to jump off a cliff in a controlled and safe manner? The Dyno Jump is just that. It’s an innovative plunge developed by Adventure Out, a new adventure not experienced before in WA. This is for thrill seeker who enjoys playing with gravity; the Dyno Jump is a sure fire way of getting your blood pumping. Jumping off a 30 metre cliff, the Dyno Jump will take your adrenalin to an eye popping extremes.